RenewData® Launches Language-Based Analytics Offering as a More Transparent, Auditable Alternative for Technology-Assisted Review

Service combines proven technology and expertise to uniquely deliver significant time and cost savings for eDiscovery and investigations without relying on artificial intelligence

08-23-12  |  AUSTIN, Texas

RenewData, a full-service eDiscovery provider that offers the industry’s broadest spectrum of review acceleration solutions, today announced that it is launching a new offering to dramatically expedite review. Language-Based Analytics leverages human understanding of language, as opposed to artificial intelligence, to identify potentially relevant documents in large data collections and deliver significant time and cost savings. It uniquely provides a high level of transparency in coding decisions and reviewer auditability because there is a direct, understandable link between the case issues and each document decision.

“One of the challenges for law firms and corporate legal departments seeking to implement assisted review technologies is that—contrary to some popular misconceptions—there are real technological differences between the different types of tools,” said David Horrigan, Esq., analyst for 451 Research, a division of The 451 Group. “Language-Based Analytics, an alternative form of technology-assisted review, can deliver savings on par with its artificial intelligence-based relatives while providing enhanced insight into why lawyers selected—or didn’t select—certain documents, along with the ability to monitor in real time the coding decisions being made by the review team. This auditing ability is increasingly important, particularly for large, complex matters where the stakes are high.”

Language-Based Analytics is optimal for organizations that want to achieve significant savings as well as tailor a solution to their specific business needs. The service combines highly differentiated technologies with an expert team of technology and legal workflow experts who work with clients to understand time and budget constraints and customize workflows accordingly. 

Key components of the offering have already been used for several prominent matters and have delivered material savings for clients. Users have also noted that, because the methodology is language based, the workproduct that is developed for one matter is often reusable for subsequent matters, delivering additional savings over time because new cases don’t have to be approached from scratch. 

"Language-Based Analytics from RenewData has become a key tool in our arsenal, helping us accelerate the analysis of a case and design an effective strategy for clients more quickly than before," said Martin E. Burke, partner at Burr & Forman LLP. "Our clients appreciate the speed that this service provides, as well as the additional benefit of transparency into coding decisions that artificial intelligence-based alternatives cannot match. We envision even greater benefits in future projects because we can uniquely re-use our workproduct from one client matter to the next with this offering." 

RenewData also announced today that one of the service’s key underlying technologies, Vestigate, was awarded a patent. This service, which is one of several review acceleration alternatives offered by the company, is delivered by a highly specialized division of RenewData, RDC Analytics. 

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RenewData is a full-service eDiscovery provider that helps corporations and law firms achieve significant time and cost savings, attain a high level of defensibility and reliability, and easily manage multiple projects for legal, regulatory and investigative matters. The company has a deep history building and applying advanced technology for eDiscovery, and has a particular expertise in review acceleration, delivering the industry’s broadest spectrum of solutions to expedite analysis of large collections of data.  Of particular note, RenewData’s Language-Based Analytics offering uniquely accelerates review without relying on artificial intelligence, delivering dramatic savings with a high level of transparency and insight into reviewer decisions. For more information, visit, or call 888.811.3789.